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Treat yourself to a 45-Minute Private Consultation” Best to enjoy 15 minutes or so after you just took the Hot Yoga class. In this session you will have carte blanche to ask questions and make clarifications about your Yoga postures and your practice in general. This is a session specifically geared towards helping you deepen your own practice. If you have specific postures that you want to talk about in depth or if you have physical limitations and you would like to explore posture modifications or adjustments, schedule a consultation.

** 2 Hours and 15 min. “Posture Clinic” with Margot Losa. Deepen and evolve your Yoga Practice! Margot has been teaching the Hot Yoga class for 22 years and really enjoys to share her in-depth experience and wisdom in these Clinics. You will receive fine-tuning adjustments and gain a greater understanding of alignment and the Yoga’s benefits. There will be open discussion and answers to your questions. This Clinic includes photos of all your postures with your camera! Many photos will be taken from a profile view, which is very helpful. Compare the “before and after” adjustments later at home and in the future. 30 minutes after your regular Hot Yoga class we go back into the warm, but not “hot” Yoga room to explore your postures and the yoga in detail. This Clinic is not about stamina, but about taking all the time we need to explore and share. You will learn also a lot from seeing others do the Yoga and receive corrections/adjustments. If more than 2 students would like to book a session together, we may break the Clinic up in two different sessions on two different dates.   

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